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    Because I can

    It has been a while again since the last time when I wrote about that red coat. So, this time and because summer is almost gone (who said sad?), today I’m here to tell a little story about a jacket. If you follow my adventures on my IG stories, you probably saw already some details about this piece, including tacking, invisible seams or even the label on it! A colourful, bright, 80s jacket. The clash in my wardrobe. Where everything is black, red, tartan and abstract patterns… here it is. A patterned colourful and bright short jacket that I still don’t know what I’m wearing with. To be honest, I…

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    Talking About New Year’s Resewlutions

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ups! Maybe it is a little bit late for that… Nah! We are still in January, aren’t we? Then, let me wish you all a wonderful, amazing and… crazy 2018!I guess you have your resolutions, goals and hopes for this new year in somewhere. Perhaps, you wrote them in some paper that you keep hidden in a drawer. Or, maybe you didn’t write them, but you have some ideas in your mind.  A list of projects I have to admit it… I am that kind of person who makes one thousand lists about every thing (except my shopping at the supermarket… It makes no sense, I know!).…

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    Lace and Tulle, The Little Black Dress

    Time flies, specially when you are busy with no-creative-but-necessary-tasks. I haven’t been really productive last weeks if we are talking about sewing stuff. Soon I will talk about some recent changes in my life but, now, first things first.​This post is about a project that I made last summer and it is not in my gallery yet. When I designed, I wanted to create a piece with a deep V neck but mixing tulle with the main fabric. This was the result. Sketches and Patterns My first designs weren’t exactly for a dress. I thought it would be great to have a playsuit for summer with a V neck and…

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    A Very Special Notebook

    Here I am, laptop on my lap and writing the first post for my brand new blog. The 5th or the 6th maybe… but the first one in English. That makes it really special but, also, hard. I will make a lot of mistakes and probably some parts will be difficult to understand. Though, I will try anyway. This is the only way to improve.​Usually, the first entry in a blog is always some kind of presentation. A way to explain what the thing is about or who is behind the screen. I am not really good talking about myself and my website has already too much information. That is why I…

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