Tea Time

Three different Lolita Outfits made for the same white simple blouse.


Lolita in White:

White Skirt and Accessories for a Shiro Lolita Outfit (Lolita in white). Adjustable skirt with laces between seams and a nice back with a satin ribbon. Waist with bones.
Matching with it, two big bows with laces. An Alice Bow (head bow) and another one for the top.


Lolita in Black.

Black Skirt and Bows for a Classic Lolita Outfit. Classic adjustable skirt with bones inside the waist, laces between seams and tulle finishing the bottom. Matching, a big Alice Bow with tulle.
This outfit has also a little version for Blythe doll.


Lolita in Flowers.

Flowers over a brown background for a Classic Lolita skirt.  Boned waist with pearl buttons and lace on the bottom. Matching, a double bow in fabric and satin ribbon for the chest; and an elegant necklace.

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