My Seamstress’s Journey

Entering the vibrant world of alternative fashion, a seamstress captivated by rebellion and romanticism begins an exciting journey, where the modern decadence meets the reworked vintage. Join me as I explore the depths of my creativity in this textile odyssey.

In my hometown, I studied Architecture, where my love for geometry and simplicity blossomed. In 2013, I co-founded Cubeterie, a contemporary jewellery brand infused with geometric motifs and architectural details. Our designs merged precision with minimalist elegance. Later, I ventured into pattern making and garment construction, refining my skills at a local academy.

Eventually, the winds of fate whispered of a new horizon, and I found myself drawn to the magnetic pull of one of the world’s most enchanting cities: London.

For a while, I sew commissioned reworked vintage pieces for boutiques in Notting Hill and Portobello, simultaneously crafting my own designs for BC and juggling a day job. My seamstress’s journey wasn’t promised to be smooth.

After a few years, the call of the sea became irresistible. Thus, I relocated to the coast. Now, Brighton and Hove embrace me warmly, providing a sanctuary where I can savour the salty ocean breeze, wander through parks, explore markets, and indulge in exceptional food and coffee. Yet, above all, I count myself fortunate to be once again pursuing a long-held dream.

Following a lengthy hiatus precipitated by the pandemic, I’ve returned to pursue what I hold most dear: being that special seamstress that dances between decadence, romanticism and alternative fashion.

This is my journey… and you too can share in this dream by acquiring a unique and special item crafted with passion.

Red haired woman in a check cape explaining something using her hands.

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Your support fuels this odyssey, and for that, I’m truly grateful.

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