I studied Architecture back in my city. During that time, I learnt to love geometry and simplicity, as well as a lot of other things. I co-founded in 2013 a contemporary jewellery brand, Cubeterie. Geometry and Architecture where an inspiration for our work there. Then, I studied Pattern Making and Garment Construction in a small academy before moving.

Currently, I live in the most wonderful city, London. I enjoy parks, museums and markets, cafes and food. But overall, I am trying to make real some dream that I had a long time ago. 
During the last year I’ve been reworking vintage by commission whilst working on my own designs for BC and working in a day job. No one said it’d be easy but this is my adventure.

You can also be part of this dream, getting a unique and special item made with passion.

You can follow some of my adventures on my blog, Instagram or get an amazing and unique piece in my Shop!
Thank you for reading this and also, for being part of this adventure!

Find me here:

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