When I was a kid I used to make dresses in Plasticine for my dolls, or drawing new clothing for my paper dolls when the pre-made ones where not enough. 
Then I grew up (kind of…), I went to uni to became an Architect and when I finished I realised I just wanted to design and make beautiful things. So, I co-founded a 3D printed jewellery and accessories brand. I worked there for 3 years, until I decided to move and start a new adventure in London.
By then, following the advice of my pattern-cutting teacher I decided to go further: transform my passion for fabrics, sewing and design in more than a hobby.
Since I’m in London, I’ve been sewing and creating garments for my own line (BC), by commission and also reworking vintage pieces for different shops in the city.

You can follow some of my adventures on my blog, Instagram or get an amazing and unique piece in my Shop!

Thank you for reading this and also, for being part of this adventure!

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