• My Vintage Treasure

    This is a story about a bunch of fabrics I rescued and transformed into some amazing Kimono Jackets. As you may know if you have been reading a bit about me and my stitches, I love vintage fabrics. A few years ago I started reworking vintage and using reclaimed fabrics to create new items. It’s not the only thing I do, but it is one that I love for sure. In this love I have about fabrics, I started long time ago to hold more metres than I can actually sew. At some point, buttons and lace were added to the stash and a few years ago… vintage fabrics and…

  • My Etsy Shop is open (again)

    Last months have just flown. I blinked and we past Halloween, seeing Christmas again on the horizon.I’ve been a bit busy with that day job of mine. A bit stressed but kind of content. Not really happy, when you are really craving for your own thing. This thing.And that’s why I decided to re-open my Etsy Shop again in October. Decided and Done It took me some time to have a look at what I had and put some other in the stock and the info. But once it’s done, it’s done. So, now you can find almost all my available designs and products on my Etsy Shop. In this…

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