Silk Kimono Reworked Vintage

A Reworked Vintage Silk Scarf

This is the story about two kimonos I made with a long vintage silk scarf. Again, we are talking about reworked vintage pieces, sustainable fashion and my love for fabulous antique and reclaimed fabrics.

Lots of time to make…

Lockdown is over. Or at least, it is for me for the last month. In mid May they called me back to work (you know, that day job I do to get the materials I need to create amazing cool stuff… ehem! It also pays the bills and the space until I can live just with doing what I love).

Silk Kimono Reworked Vintage
Back of Floribunda Silk Kimono Jacket

I wish I had lot more stuff to show here. More kimonos or vintage dresses to put on the shop but I used the time for other things. Watercolour, drawing and embroidery filled my days. In any case, I completed a couple of seam-work pieces for the shop and also a commission I was working on before the lockdown.

Apart from that I must say my Etsy Shop and the Shop here have been closed during this period. As far as I know, for some online sellers lockdown has been great. But most of the Post Offices around me didn’t open and, to be honest, I really did a strict “Stay at Home”. So, I didn’t really want to go outside and I didn’t.

Silk Kimono Reworked Vintage
Short kimono – Reworked Vintage Silk Scarf

Using my fabric stash

The main thing about not going out is… you cannot buy new things! Of course, I could get new fabrics online. But I will always prefer to touch them first when possible.

So, my challenge was basically surviving using the fabrics I already had at home. And, yes, I had actually more than I could sew during a almost-two-months quarantine.

In my wonderful fabric stash I had a few pieces of vintage fabric including a gorgeous silk scarf made in Italy. The pattern is full for roses in orange and pink colour and blue flowers, all on a nice brown background. All around the edging, a blue line with orange motifs that remind me to daylilies.

Vintage Silk Scarf
The Vintage Scarf with a tag about composition of the fabric.

I managed to make 2 different pieces from the scarf. It was quite big what was really helpful. One long length Kimono and a second one, shorter and also a bit smaller in size.

Both of them have the beautiful detailed edging all around and a wonderful back full of flowers. But, to be honest, my favourite part is the back of the long one, as you can see the gorgeous floral pattern and also a big blue bow just on the bottom.

Silk Kimono Reworked Vintage
Floribunda Kimono Jacket Detail with a big blue bow surrounded by roses.

I feel proud of these two pieces for so many reasons. For the time they were created and how they look. But also, for all the meaning they carry: Sustainable and Slow Fashion designed and handmade just here in London. The way I find my fabrics supporting small business, specially the local ones.

If you also fell in love with this reworked vintage silk scarf, get one of these one of a kind kimonos. You can find both of them in the Vintage Treasure Collection, and also you can learn more about the pieces I made of reclaimed vintage fabrics clicking here.

I hope you also have this thing for Vintage and reclaimed fabrics. And if you feel like talking about reclaimed fabrics and other wonderful reclaimed treasures, just leave a message!


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