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Reworked Vintage: My Vintage Treasure

This is a story about a bunch of fabrics I rescued and transformed into some amazing Kimono Jackets. They are part of my reworked vintage pieces.

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage…

As you may know if you have been reading a bit about me and my stitches, I love vintage fabrics. A few years ago I started reworking vintage and using reclaimed fabrics to create new items. It’s not the only thing I do, but it is one that I love for sure.

Crimson Short Kimono Jacket - Reworked vintage
Crimson Short Kimono Jacket – Detail

In this love I have about fabrics, I started long time ago to hold more metres than I can actually sew. At some point, I added buttons and lace to the stash and a few years ago… vintage fabrics and clothing too.

Going to some Vintage market when I travel to find old fabric to reclaim is actually fun. When touching the material I can clearly imagine what I would like to make with it. The important thing that always sounds in my head is… “you never have enough of them, so buy it! You can really need that small piece of lace to fix that other fabric and mix it with the one you got last year and is waiting for you.”

Sapphire Short Kimono Jacket - Reworked Vintage
Sapphire Short Kimono Jacket – Detail Lace on Back

When I started to make real all of those projects I had in my mind, I decided to use the name all my antique fabrics had. That’s how Vintage Treasure was born.

Two of my favourite reworked vintage pieces from my Vintage Treasure Collection are Crimson and Sapphire. Both of them made of reclaimed printed cotton fabric.

Reworked Vintage Kimono Jacket
Crimson Short Kimono Jacket

Crimson Short Kimono Jacket has a beautiful pattern. Old style flowers on a dark red background. When I saw the fabric in the shop it reminded me to William Morris. Of course it is not one of his amazing patterns, but it could be actually inspired by them.

About Sapphire Short Kimono, I have to admit that the oriental style in the pattern made me fall in love. Even if I wasn’t looking for any light background fabrics at that time, I loved the colours of the flowers. The fabric was rolled in panels and they weren’t really wide, but I imagined the options about sewing them together. When I arrived home, I literally run to check the colours together with some lace I already had. They were the perfect match as you can see in the pictures. Pure love!

Reworked Vintage Kimono Jacket

As I told you before in my last post, I always keep an eye on wherever I can find any amazing forgotten fabric or lace. That is part of the spirit of my Vintage Treasure Collection. Being more sustainable, having good quality materials, reclaiming fabrics and giving them a longer life.

If you are tired of fast fashion and you are looking for something else, you are invited to have a look at this Vintage Treasure Collection and others on my Shop


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