Reworked Vintage: That pink dress

This is the story about that time when I made a pink dress with vintage textiles. But this one is a bit different to the others because today we are talking about something fancy and glamourous!

Pink Party Dress
Pink Party Dress

Reworked Vintage

Last year, I was so lucky I could make some reworked vintage for some interesting people in Portobello, Notting Hill. Thanks to that, I worked with some of the most beautiful fabrics I’ve ever seen!

It’s not because this one is the best I’ve done. I don’t think so. But when working on it, I really loved the shape, the touch of the fabric. The simplicity but elegance on it.
In my opinion, just one thing was left to do. I wish I had the option of adding something like a thin and elegant chain in silver on the back shoulders. That would match the amazing fabric with metallic threads.

Reworked Vintage Pink Dress
Front with a Navy Lace on the waist

I think lamé is that kind of fabric that you can love and hate at the same time. It is shining, lustrous, it has amazing drape. It is pure love.
But, I have to admit that it is not the easiest fabric to sew. It needs a really thin needle and, at some point, it requires a new one if it loses the sharp tip. The reason for that it is the composition of the fabric.

In case that you don’t know it, Lamé is a kind of fabric woven including apart from other fibers, metallic threads.

Detail of Pink dress
Deep V back and elastic ban on the waist

Talking about the shape, this dress is quite simple. Deep V-neck and back and festival type sleeves. Navy blue lace on the waist with an elastic band on the back. Long and flattering skirt.

I always loved the result and I hope you also enjoy having a look at it! You can find some other Reworked Vintage Treasures here!
Thank you for reading and see you soon!


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