A Very Special Notebook for a Fabricholic

Here I am, laptop on my lap and writing the first post for my brand new blog. The 5th or the 6th maybe… but the first one in English. That makes it really special but, also, hard. I will make a lot of mistakes and probably some parts will be difficult to understand. Though, I will try anyway. This is the only way to improve.
​Usually, the first entry in a blog is always some kind of presentation. A way to explain what the thing is about or who is behind the screen. I am not really good talking about myself and my website has already too much information. That is why I decided to talk about a small but important thing. At least, if you are a seamstress… or a fabricholic.  

Notebook Illustration by La Chica de La Cinta
Notebook by Lara Ingelmo | La Chica de la Cinta

No long time ago (and it happened again when I moved to London), I used to turn crazy trying to remember how many fabrics I had, or if I had enough for a project. Sometimes I just completely forgot about one of them for ages until I found it again while looking for another. I guess, if you are a fabric lover (or fabricholic) as I am, you know exactly what I mean. You get fabrics that you don’t really need but you LOVE at first sight because… come on! they are perfect for that idea!!! They inspire you to create new stuff!!! Yeah… you know exactly what I am talking about.

The easiest way to solve this problem for me was so simple as a paper. And with that, a small sample of fabric and staples, I had my archive of fabrics. Some years ago, that was almost crazy: fabrics for bags and accessories (for Cubeterie), fabrics for doll clothing (for Nice’sThings), fabrics for the School (when I was making my Pattern and Cutting Course) and fabrics for personal projects…

Fabricholic notebook
Random Page

What I Write Down…

For organising it, I just needed some information:

  • Kind of fabric. Sometimes a name talks about the composition too. If it doesn’t, you better write it down.

  • Shop. Just in case, you never know if you will need to go back there and get more.

  • Price. per metre of course.

  • Measurement. For that I always had an extra space if it was a big amount. Then, every time that I used it, I could take note saying for what project and the new quantity.

Notebook for fabrics
Page with Tartan and Plaid fabrics.

When I arrived in London, the amount of fabric in my life decreased dramatically. I spent 3 months just with some metres for embroidery until I got a new sewing machine here and I could finally turn crazy in a fabric shop or bring some of my old stuff from Spain.

Some months ago, I realised that it was time to organise my stock again and use a notebook that I kept for long long time for “the perfect occasion”. I got it three years ago at least, and the illustration is by the talented: la chica de la cinta. Have to admit that I loved her work since the beginning and I was really happy to meet her when we were stall-neighbours in a market (Peter’s Room in Villagarcia, August 2014). I remember I wanted one illustration with a beautiful fox. I had seen it on line and it was so so amazing… but I waited until the end to buy anything and I fell in love with the amazing hair of this one.

Currently, I am glad to say that I have more notebooks with her work… but we can talk about that in another occasion.

For today, for this first post… this is more than enough, specially about my notebook and fabrics.
What about you? Are you another fabricholic? Can you remember all of them… and find the correct one when you need it? Do you keep any kind of record about your fabrics? I will be really glad to read your comments about it.


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