Lace and Tulle, The Little Black Dress

Time flies, specially when you are busy with no-creative-but-necessary-tasks. I haven’t been really productive last weeks if we are talking about sewing stuff. Soon I will talk about some recent changes in my life but, now, first things first.
‚ÄčThis post is about a project that I made last summer and it is not in my gallery yet. When I designed, I wanted to create a piece with a deep V neck but mixing tulle with the main fabric. This was the result.

Sketches and Patterns

My first designs weren’t exactly for a dress. I thought it would be great to have a playsuit for summer with a V neck and back. After some sketches and ideas on paper I started with the patterns. I had already done front and back for the top part when I decided to get some nice fabric.
I visited one of my favourite places: the Warehouse Store of the Cloth House. I am really lucky to live close to this place. They have amazing fabrics with an excellent quality. There, I got a beautiful lace fabric, thick thanks to an interfacing, mostly opaque but light.
The polka dot tulle was at home already and I can remember where I got it. Maybe because in that moment I didn’t have my fabric notebook to write it down.

Work in Progress: Design & Pattern Making

Changes: From a Playsuit to a Dress

At home with my fabric, almost ready to finish my pattern… I changed my mind! Suddenly, I wanted to make the bottom as a dress instead as a playsuit. It was an easy thing to make: just finishing the patterns with a skirt. Done! Now I had a dress… a Little Black Dress.

Work in Progress: Garment Construction

If you follow me on Instagram these Work in Progress pictures are not new for you (and if you don’t follow me… now it is a good moment for changing that). I spent some warm evenings fighting with the tulle and the lace and showing special moments on my IG feed (and also in Stories).

Little Black Dress in Lace Fabric

Final Piece: LBD

I really wanted to play with fabric stripes, sewing different kinds and making some see-through effect. That was my intention when I planned the piece, more than if it was a dress or a playsuit. That is why, except for the deep V in both, neck and back, the dress is really simple:

  • Main idea divided in three parts: Top, Waist and Bottom.

  • False deep V neck with two different fabrics between sides.

  • Plain skirt with one dart in every quarter (Basic one: two darts front, two back).

  • Lateral concealed zip.

  • No sleeves or any other complicate piece to attach. 

LBD: V Neck with Lace (Front)

I know it is not spectacular but I am glad with the result. I finished it faster than I expected and that for me it is a big thing. Seams between different fabrics or pieces are well done, specially if I think that I am not using this new sewing machine as much I should. We get better with practice and I feel I need more to get confidence with this one… Reality: I miss my red Alfa (I really do).

LBD: V Back (No Lace)

This was one of my projects of July, almost half-year ago. I must confess… I’ve been procrastinating instead sewing (ceramics, embroidery…), Now, I will go back to my little space, I’ll be good and finish the dress on my table. It’s waiting for too long.


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