I’m Back…

Time flies. So, it has been more than one year since my last post, the fourth in this (with a different look now) blog.

I wouldn’t like to say I’m sorry, because I’m not. No really. And I’m sure if you follow my adventures on the IG, you know exactly why I’m saying that. Last year has been one of the most productive times in my life, I mean, talking about creating and sewing.

2018 gave me the opportunity to create original pieces for my own brand and even send some pieces to places so f*cking awesome as Japan! Also, I remade vintage for some fancy shops in London, and I worked with amazing fabrics and designs.
I think I’ve never sewn that much before.

About my last year’s resewlutions

In any case, and before I start sharing any other thing, I would like to continue where I left this blog one year ago. Talking about New Year’s Resewlutions.
Last post, last year… I made a list with all the projects I wanted to accomplished during 2018. Being this one the first post during all this time, I guess this is the right thing to talk about.

Being honest, I didn’t make all the stuff that I wanted to, but in terms of time for my own wardrobe, I can’t complain. I finished those I though they were more interesting and, following my own rules, all are pieces that I can use.
I’ve been using all what I did for sure.

Here the list…
  • I love my new tartan dress. The second one, slightly different to the first one, I think it’s lovely. I did a mistake during the process and I forgot to sew the collar at the right moment so, I decided to create two fake ones.

  • I fixed that Black Skirt I had waiting for ages. I loved that fabric when I got it so, I think it was a good thing to do.

  • I love my Golden Kimono… I spent almost all summer wearing it. Also, I wore it at the Christmas Party. The colour and the fringe at the hem were perfect for my sequin dress!

  • But my favourite for sure was my red coat.

My favourite piece: the red coat

This one was my first finished piece last year. A gorgeous red coat in wool with a pretty lining full of poppies.
As a part of my goals, I had already both fabrics. When I arrived in London I got two fabrics, in black and red, for making some capes. I did one for my flatmate in black. You can see some pics on the Cloakroom (portfolio page).

The cute lining was the leftover of a Halloween dress that I didn’t finish on time. I got that cotton in a shop in Worthing. I thought I would be using a lot of it, but I didn’t. The remaining piece was enough for all the lining. Lucky me!

After hours trying to figure out what kind of coat I’d like the most, I got a plan: I had my sketches and my patterns almost ready to cut my fabric. By that time, I had the chance to use a big table, so this part of the work was easier than it’s nowadays in my tiny tiny table.

The result was a cute and elegant red coat with big buttons. The collar has been my favourite part, it looks cool when opened. Also, it protects from wind and cold when it’s necessary.

What about this year?

I guess, I still have some of the items from last year in my to-do list. Even if some of my projects have actually changed and I feel I don’t need some of the pieces I planned to make.
I hope during this year I stop procrastinating and show you some of those projects and more “Work in Progress”.


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