Three Lolita Skirts

Some years ago, and it feels now like a lifetime, I discovered a few new things that changed my way to see the world. Long story short, I met a thing called: “Lolita Fashion”…

And I fell in love!

Because, I like lace, bows, cute things, puffy skirts, … The fact is I fell in love with Lolita and I decided to make for myself some pieces of clothing for some events I was going with friends.

Shiro Lolita Outfit
Shiro Lolita Outfit

Of course, I was amateur. And even today I’m not an expert at all as I kept myself in almost the same position in some way. But I really like the style and I find it absolutely fascinating.

By then, buying only a good petticoat, a pair of dolly shoes and a white dress to use as a shirt and under dress, I made my base for 3 outfits.

Shirololi because I was too scared.

My first skirt was in white. A classic style piece. But my idea was using it in a completely different way. Even if it was already a bit démodé, I wanted to go to an event dressing Guro Loli… That idea of a broken doll seemed so appealing to me. I couldn’t resist it.

Detail Shiro Lolita Outfit
Shiro Lolita Outfit – Detail Skirt

I made a few big bows for shirt and hair and an eye-patch! Full of lace! I had my red shoes, some bandages with red stains but in the last moment, I couldn’t damage the white skirt. It was so much work and it looked so beautiful. I just couldn’t.

My old School Classic Lolita

For my second outfit, I made an old school piece. In black and classic. I had some help with ideas and also to understand the style, what was in or out or… allowed. I will always keep a place in my heart for the lovely lady who helped me at that time.

Classic Style Lolita Fashion
Classic Lolita Outfit

I made a headband with a huge black bow and a small detail for the blouse. A black cardigan was also welcome to finish the look. Simple but effective.

Both black and white skirts had the same adjustable closure design. A lace up on the back, imitating a corset. I also used plastic bones for the waist, keeping the shape of it on both of them.

Detail of Back Lolita Skirt
Classic Lolita Outfit

Metres and metres of lace, satin ribbon and basically the same pattern for both. I think I wouldn’t mind to share the pattern and the explanation of it if people were interested.

Flowers and pearls

For the third one, I spent some time looking for the perfect fabric. I wanted something classic, of course, as that was my style at the moment. But also, the baroque mood was getting bigger by then and I tried to include that into the outfit.

Classic Lolita Outfit
Classic Lolita Outfit

The patterned fabric I chose and details as the pearled buttons or the collar-choker were part of that attempt.

The style of the skirt was simpler than the other two. No corset closure on the back or multiple seems with lace everywhere. Just a cute creamy lace on the bottom to make some contrast.

Details in Classic Lolita Skirt

By then, I was really glad with the result. I wouldn’t be today to be honest. There is a pattern-making course in between now and then. Lots of hours designing, making patterns and sewing; for myself, for others and as a profession. A whole world in between.

But I really enjoyed those projects as much as I enjoyed wearing the outfits with my friends. Nowadays, I’d wear some classic or gothic lolita, darker but more elaborated for sure. And I would care a bit less about what is right or not. I don’t think there is a real right or wrong here. The interesting thing about being “alternative fashion” is don’t give a f**k about fashion rules.

I really think that clothing needs to talk about who is wearing it, make them feel as they want to feel. Whatever that is. Simple, isn’t it?


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